A downloadable Time Management Island for Windows and macOS

i made this to help with my ADD, maybe someone will find it useful!

WASD + mouse + shift. left-click to focus on the game, right-click to unlock the mouse. play it in windowed mode

it's a comfy digital space that has a clock & different areas for different tasks. so, i climb up to the top of the tower whenever i use social media, & go back to the work zone at the bottom when i'm done, etc. the short time it takes to move between places helps me organize my time a little better.

also, the crystals change color once every 10 minutes. there are 4 colors.

i have a bunch of ideas of things to add for task management & tracking time statistics and other places i wanna go to.


CaveLair - game 10 MB
caveLair_mac.zip 12 MB
caveLairProject.zip 74 MB


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very nice thank you

thank you.